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Welcome to Virginia Family Services! Our company provides several in-home services throughout the Central Virginia, South Central Virginia, and Greater Richmond area. We offer community mental health rehabilitative services.

People facing mental or emotional health challenges such as anger management, find it harder to live in their own homes, their family homes, or their community. Challenges with behavioral and mental health issues make various levels of institutionalization sometimes feel like the only option. Virginia Family Services makes the home an option for people and families with these challenges. We provide a variety of services to help individuals and families, that are often fully funded. These services are designed to equip individuals and families with the skills and resources they need to live with health, security, and confidence at home and in the community.

Group Counseling
Virginia Family Services (VFS) is a Virginia-based agency that provides behavioral health services to individuals and families within the community.

Counseling in Richmond VA
Our Goal is to provide quality services while delivering evidence-based practices and care coordination. We focus on assisting our consumer to be able to remain in their home and community in which they live.

Man mentoring child in Richmond VA
Our services are: Mental Health Skills Building for adults, Intensive In-Home for youth ages 5 to 21, and Mentoring services for youth ages 5 to 21.

Virginia Family Services (VFS) is here to help you and your family. If you or someone you care for would benefit from our behavioral health services please contact us today!